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We supply a Comprehensive Range of fuel at competitive prices, and offer customised solutions, meeting your individual or specific requirements. We Remain at Your Service 24/7/365.
M.H TRADING core business is worldwide trading of bunkers on- and offshore. Our presence on the global bunker oil market enables us to supply you with the right products at competitive prices all around the BAY of BANGLE (OCEAN) in BANGLADESH 24/7/365. You just tell us where and when.
BAY of BANGLE (OCEAN) in BANGLADESH. Get the right bunker oil quality at the agreed time.
Furthermore, we offer physical supply of all grades of fuel oil. With our in line blending system on our own and chartered coastal tankers, we are able to blend all fuels to match any requirements.
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Our owned barges details are:

We are honored to introduce M H TRADING, , founded with the aim of supplying bunker fuel to domestic and foreign ocean-going vessels at CHITTAGONG PORT and all over the area of BAY of BANGLE (OCEAN) in BANGLADESH. M H TRADING is a fully INDEPENDENT PIONEER PHYSICAL SUPPLIER of marine fuel products to the foreign vessels in BANGLADESH. (Ship Chandlers Exporter & Importers) Our company has own bunker tankers & barge storage that allow our dedicated experienced employees to meet clients’ strict fuel quality and delivery scheduling needs. WE SUPPLY FOLLOWING FUELS ITEMS: a.IFO (180cst)/RME b 380cst c. MGO DMA, d. MDO DMB & e. Lubricants oil FUELS SPECIFICATION: Fuels qualities as per ISO 8217:2005 & bunker delivery comply with regulations 14 & 18 of MARPOL ANNEX VI. MSDS will provide during the bunkering ops on board vessels. WE PROVIDE BUNKERS TO THE FOLLOWING PLACES: a. Chittagong Port, Bangladesh b. Mongla Port, Bangladesh c. Chittagong Anchorage & Berth, Bangladesh d. Chittagong OPL (Kutubdia Island), Bangladesh Let us know, once you have bunker inquiries for CHITTAGONG PORT & MONGLA PORT in Bangladesh. I look forward to getting your prompt response in order to serve you best. For any other assistance do not hesitate to contact with us and we will be glad to assist you.




M.H Trading is independent Bay of Bangal supplier of aviation fuel and services. Private, corporate and charter operators as well as commercial represent just some of the customer types that benefit from M.H Trading modern fuel and service solutions. Quality, Safety, Health and Environment is the most important procedures for M.H Trading. Our systematic approach includes regular risk assessments to ensure we follow best working practices, preempt incidents, and continually improve our performance in accordance with ICAO/FAA/EASA requirements and recommendations.

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